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Introducing Adesina Oluwaseun, the Visionary CEO of Unruly Records


CEO of Unruly Records

Introducing Adesina Oluwaseun, the Visionary CEO of Unruly RecordsCEO of Unruly Records

Adesina Oluwaseun, also known as LifeStyle, is a creative and innovative force in the music industry. He has established a unique route in the music industry as the visionary CEO of Unruly Records, making an everlasting impression on the landscape.

1. What inspired you to launch Unruly Records?

Is inspired by The love of good music and art. Unruly records is a label with the intentions of denting the world and making African Art a trademark in the entertainment. More also building a team with distinct talents from the grassroots to the top level which we know is achievable. There are several factors that inspires me to open Unruly records. Here are a few:

CEO of Unruly Records
CEO of Unruly Records

1. Passion for music: One of the primary drivers behind opening Unruly records is a deep passion for music. I often have a desire to support and promote talented artists. I see Unruly records as a platform to discover new talent nurture their artistic growth and share their music with the world.

2.Love for the industry: I have a keen interest in the music industry as a whole that's why i started Unruly records. I mostly enjoy being part of the behind-the-scenes action working with musicians producers and other industry professionals. I so much appreciate the creative process involved in producing and marketing music.

Desire for artistic freedom: Most record label fail to provide artists with more autonomy and independence to create the music they love without strict commercial constraints. My desire for artistic freedom is the most significant motivating factor for starting Unruly Records

CEO of Unruly RecordsCEO of Unruly Records

Opportunity to make a difference: Unruly records is a platform to support and uplift marginalized or undiscovered artists. This inspiration often stems from the belief that everyone deserves a chance to be heard and that talent exists in abundance outside of mainstream channels. Supporting and propelling aspiring artists can be a motivating factor for those who want to make a positive impact in the music industry.

Entrepreneurial drive: I'm inspired by the entrepreneurial aspect of running a record label. I see it as an opportunity to build a business while pursuing my passion for music. The idea of managing operations signing artists marketing their music and ultimately creating a successful label is a driving force for me.

Personal fulfillment: I Opened Unruly Records to provides a sense of personal fulfillment for many. It allows them to follow their dreams and create a career that aligns with my interests and values. Seeing artists grow and succeed under my guidance bring immense satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

2. What distinguishes Unruly Records from other record labels?

2. Practicing a standard administrative system, well structured relationships and credibility making creativity and productivity its core value.

3. How do you see the music industry evolving in the future, and how does Unruly Records want to stay ahead of the curve?

3.With the international affiliation and interest in the modern Nigerian music (Afrobeats), understanding music is a unifying language, unruly records takes in-depth analysis into it arts, presenting it on the right platforms to reach out the right Audience.

4. Could you tell us about some of the main artists or projects that Unruly Records is working on right now?

Mōdé-Mōdè is an up-and-coming artist whose music has captured the attention of critics and fans alike. His coming single Titled Jombolo showcases his unique style and versatility, blending elements of Afrobeat, Amapiano, and Makosa. With a captivating voice, great lyrics and a knack for creating catchy melodies, Mōdé-Mōdè is quickly establishing himself as an artist to watch. He has earned a devoted following of fans who can't get enough of his music.

5.How does Unruly Records assist its artists in acquiring the skills you think are necessary for success in the modern music business?

Unruly has a creative and Product management department to secure and guild the Artist in acquiring more skills put in mind success as our main priority. The Creative and Product Management department at our record label is at the forefront of shaping and delivering the artistic vision of our artists while ensuring the successful management and promotion of their music. This department plays a crucial role in navigating the ever-evolving music industry and maximizing the potential of our artists' work.

Creative Management:

The creative management division works closely with the artists helping them develop and define their artistic direction and image. This involves collaborating with musicians songwriters producers and other stakeholders to create an authentic and compelling artistic identity. The team in this department provides guidance on visual aesthetics branding and image to ensure that the artist's creative vision is effectively communicated to their audience.

The creative management team also plays a key role in curating and conceptualizing album designs music videos and other visual content that enhance the overall artistic package. They work with photographers videographers and designers to produce compelling creative assets that align with the artist's vision and resonate with their target audience.

Product Management:

Product management within our record label involves strategic planning and execution to ensure the success of our artists' music releases. The team in this department takes charge of the entire lifecycle of an artist's product from inception to release and beyond.

This involves market research competitor analysis and coordinating with various departments such as A&R (Artists & Repertoire marketing and promotion to develop a comprehensive product strategy. They identify target markets analyze consumer trends and ensure that the artist's music is positioned effectively to reach the right audience.

Product managers oversee the production process ensuring the timely delivery of music releases and coordinating with distribution partners such as streaming services and physical retailers. They are responsible for setting release schedules coordinating publicity campaigns and executing marketing strategies to generate maximum visibility and engagement for the artist's music.

Additionally product managers track and analyze sales streaming data and consumer feedback to assess the performance of releases and make data-driven decisions for future projects. They stay up to date with industry trends and technological advancements to optimize the digital presence and monetization opportunities for our artists.

Collaboration and Synergy:

Both the creative and product management teams work hand in hand to ensure a cohesive and successful execution of an artist's music releases. While the creative team focuses on the artistic aspects the product management team aligns these creative elements with marketing strategies release timelines and business objectives. Their collaboration ensures that the artist's music is maximally profitable and resonates with fans and listeners.

In conclusion the Creative and Product Management department at our record label plays a crucial role in shaping the artistic direction managing the product lifecycle and maximizing the potential of our artists' music. By combining creativity strategic planning and industry knowledge this department plays a vital role in driving the success of our artists in a highly competitive music industry.

6.What qualities do you believe are essential for an artist to succeed in today's music industry, and how does Unruly Records support its artists in developing these qualities?

Creative, Self discipline, Believe and the right team which is us Unruly

7.Can you provide insights into any upcoming events, collaborations, or initiatives that fans and the industry can look forward to from Unruly Records?

Watch out our Debut single Jombolo as it’s going to take the world.

8.How do you envision Unruly Records contributing to the global music scene in the coming years?

It’s going to be a massive contribution as we are leaving a trademark on it. A forever mark.

9.In a few words, what advice would you give to aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs looking to enter the music business?

God, Consistency and believe is the key to all successful careers. Stay consistent believe in God and yourself.

Number 10 is same as number 6

11 Same and Number 7

CEO of Unruly Records

Social Media Presence: @4dLifeStyle_. LifeStyle understands the importance of connecting with fans and the industry through social media. You can find him on Instagram with the handle @4dLifeStyle_. Here, he shares insights into his creative process, offers a glimpse behind the scenes, and interacts with his ever-growing fanbase. It's not just a platform for music; it's a window into the life and vision of an artist who is redefining the rules of the game.

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