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The New King in the Wireless Earbud Market: The Emergence of Synox

  The New King in the Wireless Earbud Market: The Emergence of Synox

The New King in the Wireless Earbud Market: The Emergence of Synox

Since Apple released its original AirPods, which turned out to be a smashing success, more competitors have seized the breakout hit and entered the market. As a result, countless wireless earphone models are available, each with its unique combination of price, sound quality, battery life, and other specs. As a result, trying to decide which one to buy has become a daunting task.

After converting the cost of these available models from dollars, most of them cost quite a fortune – including Apple’s – especially for a user in Nigeria or neighbouring countries in West Africa. Luckily, a new king has entered the wireless earbud market targeting the Nigerian market – Synox.

Synox has recently entered the earbud market with two expertly designed products that compete favourably with all the other brands – big or small – worldwide. At a considerably affordable cost and with multiple device compatibility, Synox effectively caters to the high-quality sound needs of every user. 

The new king in the wireless earbud market has emerged, and its name is Synox.

Synox Products and Features

Currently, two categories of products are available in the earbud market: Synox X3 and Synox i3 Pro. Synox X3 is available in three colours: black, white, and red. On the other hand, Synox i3 Pro is available in white only. The two products come in sleek modern designs that are equally functional and fashionable. Yet, they are highly affordable and well below the average global market price for wireless earbuds.


The first striking feature of Synox earbuds is their appearance. Synox earbuds and their cases are made from a quality, light material with a geometric design that makes them easy to use and carry around. 

What more? The earbuds come in a minimal design that fits into your ears comfortably for a long time, with tips that hold the earbuds securely in place, even during a vigorous activity like exercise.

Bluetooth Setup

The earbuds have a simple Bluetooth setup that is easy to detect and connect to with any device. With a connection range of 10 metres and low power consumption, they produce premium crisp and solid stereo sound quality in the right textures that would delight music lovers worldwide. 

Users can adjust music and sound preferences with a simple touch operation. They also have a powerful microphone that can easily pick up and transmit low voices during calls.

Waterproof and Noise-Cancellation

These are some of the unique features of Synox earbuds. The products are water resistant and are therefore suitable for outdoor use, including workouts. Perfectly fitting ear tips also block out unwanted outside noise, leaving you to enjoy an undiluted sound quality, shutting you out completely from the outside world.

Battery Life

Synox earbud products have a battery life of 3 – 5 hours on active use, plus 12 hours in the charging case. In addition, the battery power can stay on standby for up to 120 hours. So, users can be assured of unhindered music flow for long hours either on a journey or running errands.

Customer Experience

Synox is committed to providing a world-class positive customer experience to all our potential customers. You can easily purchase any Synox earbuds of your choice on our website and have them delivered to any location in Nigeria within 2 – 3 working days. There is also a showroom in Ikeja, Lagos, open every day of the week. 

Synox is here to take over the market, and you can expect more customer-centred products to be rolled out soon. Contact customer service for a prompt response via our website or email for any complaints or enquiry

Visit: https://synox.africa/product-category/wireless-smart-earphones/


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